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High Tech, Low Maintenance

Any Way You Pay

Keeping up with modern technology is a must these days. Twelve Baskets is one of the few vending companies that features cashless capabilities of 100% of our machines. We use technology that integrates seamlessly with our equipment, not added or "bolted on" after the fact. 

vending machine bill acceptor mei cashflow 4in1
parlevel vending machine telemeter

Always Connected

Thanks to our wireless 4G telemetry systems equipped standard on all of our machines, we are able to see hour by hour sales activity. This allows us to see what products are moving at your vending areas and what's not. 

We can also receive alerts from our machines if issues arise. 

Only What's Needed

With our pre-kitting system, we are able to bring only what is needed to your vending machines. Our technology allows us to constantly monitor inventory levels and uses complex algorithms to pack our drivers with precise amounts of product for each specific machine. This method allows us to service more machines at a faster pace than our competitors.

bill recycler
snacks prekit vending machine
$5's Go In, $1's Come Out

Are your team members tired of getting fistfuls of change back from a vending machine when they use a $5?

With us, no problem! All of our Twelve Baskets' owned vending machines come equipped standard with a dollar bill recycler that pays out large change amounts in dollars instead of quarters.

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