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Twelve Baskets, LLC offers top-of-the-line technology and equipment to suit your needs.

snacks and drinks for vending machines
Full-Line Vending

Do you like options? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We work closely with our national supplier network to provide all of your favorite brands alongside new and regional selections. Our guests tell us what they like, and we pair that with industry trends and research to deliver the right product variety for each location. Finally, we regularly rotate items to ensure fresh choices and happy guests.

Whatever you’re craving, our automated retail solutions can deliver it.



Perhaps you have a great space, but it’s lacking food and personality, so it’s rarely used by your associates. What a shame. Or maybe your breakroom needs a facelift, something more welcoming for your employees? That’s where we come in to help, whether we upgrade your space into a micro-market or customize the right solution for your needs, we can create a great environment and space for your team. From linear setups and L-shaped designs, to layouts spanning multiple walls – we stand out from the rest by using modular, high-quality fixtures.

Parlevel market, kiosk, vending machine
office coffee, flavia, vending machine
Office Coffee

Coffee drinkers, get your mugs ready!  We bring you the latest cutting-edge technology available in office coffee equipment. We can provide anything from standard drip brewers to high tech Flavia single cup brewing, which offers unparalleled convenience and variety.

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